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  • St Mary: Our Heavenly Patroness

St Mary: Our Heavenly Patroness

St Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, also known as the Virgin Mary, conceived and bore a Son contrary to all biological laws. By saying “Yes” to the will of God, she turned history upside down. She was docile and obedient but future events proved her gallant and determined too. Mary was a mother who led by example; She was a pious woman who entrusted her whole life in God’s hands. She was a dedicated, a devout wife, a caring and comforting mother. Trials and tribulations were common in the life of Mary and her family, but none of these was allowed to disturb the tranquillity of the God-fearing family.
A child, to a large extent, is the making of the mother. Besides bearing it in the womb, she nurtures it, looks after it and is always concerned about its healthy growth in mind and body. Infant Jesus was blessed with a wonderful mother. She assisted and accompanied Jesus in his growth in the best way possible. Brought up as a God-fearing child, Jesus grew in wisdom and was a pleasing person both to God and man. She taught, “Love is an active verb and that love is a synonym for growth” Dante called her “daughter of her son”. Chaucer hailed her as “of all flowers’ flower”. Wordsworth described her as “our tainted nature’s solitary boast”. The editors of TIME call her “The most celebrated woman who ever lived”. She is the only Mother, God ever had. She still transcends all definitions and is whatever people want and need her to be. Someone has declared her as a significant model for women. That would be tragedy. She is rather a significant model for all of us. It is to the same Mother that we have entrusted the students at Mary Matha School, fully convinced that she will always assist and accompany them in their physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. May Mary intercede for us so that we may become good children of God and citizen of our great nation.

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